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Partner visa Australia

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Our team of dedicated Partner visa agents have decades of experience helping people like you successfully gain an Australian Partner visa. We can guide and support you every step of the way, no matter how complex your case is.

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Australian Migration Agents are fully registered: MARN 2318221

What sets Australian Migration Agents apart

Finding the best Australian partner visa for your situation

There are three types of partner visas that you may be able to apply for depending on your circumstances. All three visas allow you and your partner to live together in Australia and can be applied for by any couple, including same-sex couples.

Partner Visa (820/801)

If you are onshore

The 820 visa would suit you if you currently live in Australia and are in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. The visa allows you to live and work in Australia while awaiting a permanent (801) visa decision.

Partner Visa (309/100)

If you are offshore

If you are in a de facto relationship with or married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and are currently residing outside Australia, this visa enables you to enter Australia to be with your partner, granting you the freedom to live, study, work, and travel without any limitations.

Prospective Marriage Visa (300)

If you are engaged and offshore

If you are engaged to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and are currently residing outside Australia, you can apply for this temporary visa, which lets you enter Australia to marry your fiancé. Once married, you are eligible to apply for a subclass 820/801 Partner visa.

Family Violence

If you are onshore and have applied for/hold an 820/309 visa or hold a 300 visa and have married your sponsor

The primary purpose of family violence provisions is to protect and support victims by allowing them to maintain their Partner visa eligibility even after a relationship has broken down due to domestic or family violence.

Schedule 3

If you are onshore

You may be eligible Schedule 3 Partner visa if you do not hold a substantive visa or are unlawful at the time of your Partner visa lodgement and meet the Schedule 3 criteria.

Partner visa application steps

The Partner visa application process can be challenging and time-consuming, but our team at Australian Migration Agents handles this daily and understands the requirements needed for successful outcomes. Get in touch to discuss your eligibility and explore the most budget-friendly services available to you.

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Step 1

Consultation and engagement

Organise a consultation time to speak with one of our agents. You can meet with us in person, via Zoom or telephone. Following this, we will send you paperwork that confirms our engagement to represent you.

Step 2

Preparation and submission

We will prepare written submissions in support of your visa application. This will be based on your individual circumstances, and supported by evidence where appropriate. We then submit your application to the relevant body (Department of Home Affairs, courts or tribunal)

Step 3

Representation and success

We will keep you informed about your application, and notify you of the outcome. If you receive an unfavourable outcome and we can reapply, we will!

Benefits of using a Partner visa agent

Engaging the team at Australian Migration Agents to help with your Partner visa application offers many benefits.

  • We have a high success rate and can handle even the most complex of cases.
  • As a team, we have extensive knowledge of Australian migration laws and regulations, and can ensure that your application complies with all requirements.
  • We can meet with you in person or virtually for those offshore or outside of our office locations.
  • We offer tailored advice on the best pathway and visa subclass for your situation.
  • Your dedicated Partner visa agent can guide you through the whole application process, reducing the risk of errors and delays that can occur when applying independently.
  • We can handle admin tasks and communication with immigration authorities, saving you time and stress.

Partner visa requirements Australia

Regardless of which category you fall under, there are some key Australia Partner visa requirements that you must fulfil in order to be eligible. 

  • Relationship status - You must be in a genuine and ongoing relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen who you have met in person at least once and who is willing to sponsor you.
  • Minimum age - You and your partner must be 18 or above (some exemptions apply).
  • Married or de facto relationship - You can apply as either a married or de facto partner. For a de facto relationship, you must provide evidence of living together for at least 12 months unless compelling reasons can be demonstrated.
  • Health and character requirements - This can include undergoing health examinations and obtaining police clearance certificates.

Same-sex partners are eligible to apply for this visa.

The cost of a Partner visa in Australia

Understanding the costs involved prior to starting your application will help you prepare financially and set aside a visa budget. 

1. Australian Migration Agents fees  

We operate on a fixed-rate structure rather than hourly billing so you have a clear understanding of the total costs involved before engaging our services. Our fees vary from client to client as they are tailored to your unique circumstances - book a free consultation to receive a quote. 

2. Department fees

The Australian Department of Home Affairs charges an upfront fee upon lodgement of your Partner visa application. The current Partner visa cost (for all three types) is $8,850. Those who are granted a Prospective Marriage visa and go on to apply for a Partner visa subclass 820/801 will be charged an additional $1,475.

Partner visa processing times

The time it takes to process your Partner visa can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether you applied inside or outside of Australia 
  • Your case complexity 
  • The thoroughness of your application
  • The volume of applications waiting to be processed

At Australian Migration Agents, we aim to submit thorough, well-prepared applications that minimise processing delays and requests for further information. During our consultation, we’ll share the latest processing timeframes and give you an estimate for how long your visa will take based on our experience submitting similar applications.

Australia-wide services

Our skilled team offers in-person and virtual appointments, which means we can provide immigration assistance and advice regardless of where you live in Australia.  

Frequently asked questions

Read our most commonly asked questions about partner visas

What are the requirements for spouse visa in Australia?

When applying for an Australia spouse visa (also known as the Partner visa), you must be in a genuine relationship with your spouse and have a mutual commitment to one another. In most cases, you need to be over 18, and your Australian partner must be willing to sponsor you while also agreeing to provide financial and social support to you for the duration of your visa. You must meet the necessary health and character requirements and evidence of your relationship (such as joint financial commitments, shared household responsibilities, and social aspects of your partnership). 

The Partner visa consists of a temporary and permanent visa—the temporary visa stage is Subclass 820/309, and the permanent visa stage is Subclass 801/100. You'll need to meet specific criteria and requirements to transition from the temporary Partner visa to the permanent Partner visa.

Are there any Partner visa conditions?

Some of the Partner visas have conditions attached to them that you must adhere to.

Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

  • You must not arrive in Australia before your sponsor 
  • You must not get married or enter into a de facto relationship prior to entering Australia
  • You must marry the person specified in your visa while it is still valid

Partner visa (subclass 309 and 100)

  • You must not enter Australia before your sponsor 
  • You must not enter into a de facto relationship or get married before arriving in Australia

What is the best Australian visa for married couple?

The best Australian visa for a married couple depends on your individual circumstances, including your immigration goals, eligibility, and specific situation. 

Most married couples in genuine spousal relationships opt for the Partner visa (820/801). This allows the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live, work, and study in Australia. 

If you’re not sure whether this is the best fit for your situation, contact us, and we can discuss the options during your free consultation.

How do you apply for a Partner visa?

Applying for a Partner visa in Australia involves several steps and can be a complex process. It includes an eligibility assessment, gathering the required documentation to support your application (including evidence of your relationship, identity documents, health and character clearances, etc.), completing the online form and paying the application fee, undergoing health examinations and obtaining police clearance certificates. 

If you apply for the temporary stage (Subclass 820 or 309), you will be granted a temporary visa first, which allows you to live and work in Australia. After meeting specific criteria, you can apply for the permanent stage (Subclass 801 or 100) when eligible. This typically occurs two years after lodging your initial application.

If you’re unsure how to apply for a Partner visa or have any questions, get in touch with one of our experienced agents, who can help guide you through the process.

How long do you have to be together for Partner visa Australia eligibility?

To be eligible for a Partner visa in Australia, you generally need to demonstrate that you are in a genuine and continuing spousal or de facto relationship. While there is no specific time requirement, the Department of Home Affairs typically looks for evidence of a relationship that has been ongoing for a reasonable period.

For married couples, there is no set duration that you must be married before applying for a Partner visa. However, you should be prepared to provide evidence of the genuineness of your marriage.

For de facto couples (unmarried but in a committed relationship), you generally need to have lived together in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months prior to lodging your application. You may be exempt from the 12-month living together requirement if you have compassionate reasons (such as having children together), have been in a long-distance relationship, or if you’ve registered your de facto relationship with an Australian state or territory. 

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