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Family visa Australia

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There are a range of visas that are available to applicants that facilitate family reunification for different reasons. While it is possible to navigate the various options available and the visa application process independently, if you or your family members need additional support or guidance, contact an Australian Migration Agent today.

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Australian Migration Agents are fully registered: MARN 2318221

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Family visa options in Australia

Adoption Visa 102

This visa is suited for parents who wish to visit and live in Australia on a temporary basis for 3 to 5 years. In some cases, you may be entitled to reapply for further subclass 870 visas to stay up to 10 years in Australia. Unlike other Parent visas, this visa does not lead to permanent residency, and you cannot apply for another parent visa subclass once you have applied for or hold this visa.

Australian family visa application process

Generally, the process that underlies a family visa application is similar across each visa type. Once applicants have identified what visa they are eligible for, they are required to fill out a visa application form, collect the relevant documents and supporting evidence and pay an application fee. 

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Step 1

Consultation and engagement

Organise a consultation time to speak with one of our agents. You can meet with us in person, via Zoom or telephone. Following this, we will send you paperwork that confirms our engagement to represent you.

Step 2

Preparation and submission

We will prepare written submissions in support of your visa application. This will be based on your individual circumstances, and supported by evidence where appropriate. We then submit your application to the relevant body (Department of Home Affairs, courts or tribunal)

Step 3

Representation and success

We will keep you informed about your application, and notify you of the outcome. If you receive an unfavourable outcome and we can reapply, we will!

Family visa requirements Australia

The requirements for a visa application will vary based on what visa is being applied for. For any visa requiring a sponsor, these sponsors will usually have to be Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand Citizens. For visas where an applicant’s eligibility is dependent on that applicant facing a particular circumstance, such as Remaining Relative visas or Aged Dependent Relative visas, documentation will be required to demonstrate these specific circumstances. If you are having difficulty identifying what is required for your particular visa application, at Australian Migration Agents we can provide you with additional information and guidance to ensure that all the requirements for your specific visa is met.

The cost of a family visa in Australia

When applying for a Family visa in Australia with Australian Migration Agents there are two main costs involved.

Our professional fees are specifically tailored to the circumstances of your application. As visa applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, this is reflected in the fees that are quoted to our clients. Australian Migration Agents work on a fixed-fee basis to ensure transparency regarding the total cost of any visa application. Furthermore, at Australian Migration Agents, we can offer payment plans adapted to your specific needs, giving you greater flexibility.

Visa costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. These charges are set by the Department and are visible on their website. Usually, these payments must be made up front and cannot be split. The Department accepts a variety of payment methods, including debit/credit card, PayPal, UnionPay and BPAY. Applicants should also budget for expenses that are usually incurred during the application process, such as for health examinations or police checks. If applicants require additional information, this can be found on the Department’s website or by contacting an Australian Migration Agent. 

Australian family visa processing times in Australia

Predicting the processing time for various visa types can be challenging due to the varying demand and supply of visa places provided by the Australian Government. Furthermore, an applicant's waiting time may be increased due to delays as a result of a faulty or incomplete visa application. For some visa types, the Department provides approximated processing timeframes on their website. An Australian Migration Agent can help ensure that all applications are submitted correctly and with relevant supporting evidence to prevent any unexpected and unnecessary delays.

Australia-wide services

Our skilled team offers in-person and virtual appointments, which means we can provide immigration assistance and advice regardless of where you live in Australia.  

Frequently asked questions

Read our most commonly asked questions about parent visas

Who is eligible for a family visa in Australia, how do I qualify?

As a result of there being various Family visa options in Australia, a range of people in different circumstances may be eligible to qualify for a visa. To see the specific requirements of each visa type, see the Department’s website or our articles to find out more.

What does a family visa cost in Australia?

The cost of a Family visa in Australia can depend on the visa which is being applied for, as the costs vary between visa types. Precise information on costs can be viewed on the Department’s website or found out by contacting an Australian Migration Agent.

How long does it take to get a family visa in Australia?

Visa processing time is dependent on a variety of factors and will be different for each visa type. Additionally, defective applications can increase the time it takes for a decision to be made. Prospective timeframes for valid applications are provided by the Department on their website.

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