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How to create a ImmiAccount

Sharing Li
Sharing Li
Australian Migration Agent
July 2, 2024
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Step-by-step guide to creating an ImmiAccount for individuals

What is an ImmiAccount?

In 2013, the Australian Government introduced the ImmiAccount system to streamline immigration processes for the digital age. This initiative aimed to diminish reliance on the VEVO system while enhancing accessibility. ImmiAccount has become indispensable for both individuals and organizations navigating visa applications.

ImmiAccount acts as the primary gateway to the Department of Home Affairs visa application portal, necessitating registration for all users. Once enrolled, it serves as the central platform for submitting applications and managing communication pertaining to visa proceedings. Moreover, ImmiAccount seamlessly integrates with various services like MyHealth declarations, Visa Finder, Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO), and the pricing estimator, offering a comprehensive resource for navigating immigration services.

While traditional paper forms remain an alternative, opting for an ImmiAccount offers the advantage of real-time application tracking and ensures prompt communication with the Department via email notifications. Additionally, ImmiAccount provides a secure payment processing mechanism, guaranteeing timely settlement of application fees.

When should you set one up? 

Attention! Your initial decision must be whether to establish an ImmiAccount or enlist the services of a registered migration agent for visa representation in the Australian visa application process.

For Temporary Visas:

If you're pursuing a straightforward temporary visa like a visitor visa, creating an ImmiAccount and managing your application independently might suffice. However, even applicants from certain passport-holding countries face daily refusals due to Australian Government concerns about potential overstays.

For Permanent Visas:

Seeking permanent residency in Australia warrants serious consideration of engaging a registered migration agent for application preparation and submission. The criteria for permanent residency are stringent, and any errors, no matter how minor (e.g., incorrect police clearance attachment), can lead to refusals. In case of refusal, seeking review through Australia’s administrative review tribunal may entail a waiting period of up to 2 years, particularly for offshore applicants with limited appeal and review rights.

DIY Approach:

Should you opt to proceed independently after thorough research, this guide will assist you in setting up an ImmiAccount. Despite the existence of paper-based application forms, ImmiAccount offers a secure online platform, simplifying information access and aiding in adherence to application deadlines, crucial as non-compliance often results in visa refusals.

Before commencement, ensure access to the internet and possess a valid email address, likely covered if you're accessing this guide online. An email address is indispensable for Department of Home Affairs communication. Continue reading to discover the subsequent steps once these prerequisites are fulfilled.

How to create an ImmiAccount? 

Creating an ImmiAccount is a straightforward process that can be completed swiftly. Before you embark on this journey, ensure you have a valid email address accessible to you, along with your personal details, including passport number if applicable.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Create an ImmiAccount' page using the following link: This link will direct you to the initial stage of the registration process, where you will need to provide your email address. Upon submission of your email address, a verification code will be sent to your inbox. It's imperative to have immediate access to your email account to verify the code promptly.

Step 1

Step 2:  Upon inputting the verification code delivered to your email, proceed to provide your user details. In case the code hasn't arrived, kindly inspect your spam/junk folder or utilise the 'Resend verification code' option.

While selecting the requisite services, opt for 'individual account'. It's unnecessary to select any additional services, as visa and citizenship applications are integrated into all individual ImmiAccounts, as outlined below.

Following this, input your personal details precisely as they are listed in your passport. Ensure accurate inclusion of passport details, visa grant notification, visa grant letter, visa conditions, and visa entitlements.

Step 2

Step 3: Proceed to finalise your account details. This involves establishing a password and selecting security questions. Prioritise creating a strong password and selecting questions that are memorable to you yet unknown to others. Activating security alert notifications can also be beneficial, ensuring prompt notification in case of unauthorised access to your account.

Step 4: In the concluding stage, you must carefully review and acknowledge the terms and conditions of your account, ensuring effective communication. Additionally, you are prompted to select the checkbox certifying that you are 'not a robot'. After thoroughly reviewing and accepting the terms, and confirming your human status, you may proceed to submit your application. Upon submission, an email containing a confirmation link will be automatically sent to you. Click on this link to progress to your newly created account, where you can access further information regarding your visa status and required documents.

Step 5: If using your ImmiAccount to submit a visa application, it's crucial to attach necessary supporting documents and submit visa applications promptly. Be mindful of visa application fees and actual processing times to avoid delays in the immigration process.

Whether you're applying for visitor visas, student visas, partner visas, or other visa subclasses, understanding your own visa details and relevant visa options is paramount. Stay informed about immigration regulations and seek advice from an immigration lawyer if necessary. If your visa is granted, ensure you receive the visa label and understand its conditions. Keep track of your visa status and immigration circumstances, especially if your visa is cancelled.

Before departing Australia or entering the country, verify your visa status and ensure you possess all required documents. Stay connected by receiving messages regarding your application and family members' visa statuses.

How to recover your ImmiAccount username and password

Unfortunately, usernames or passwords can be easily forgotten. While having a quick reset option is convenient, safeguarding your account's security is equally vital, especially considering the sensitive information contained in your visa application.


Should you forget your username, you can initiate the reset process by following this link: Begin by entering your email address, which will prompt an email containing a list of all usernames associated with your email. If the email doesn't arrive, check your junk/spam folder. The email will guide you through the username recovery process.


In case of a forgotten password, use this link to recover it: Start by entering your username, triggering a recovery email with instructions. This email includes a link for account access upon successfully answering your security question set during account creation.

Username and Password:

For those who forget both username and password, a potential issue arises. After five incorrect attempts, the account is locked for four hours. It's advisable to first confirm your username following the instructions provided. Once confident in your username, utilise the forgot password feature, answering your security question to reset your password.

If none of these methods prove effective, you have the option to directly contact the Department of Home Affairs using the provided contact details:

Benefits of using a migration agent 

While navigating ImmiAccount may seem straightforward, it doesn't necessarily imply that the entirety of your visa requirements and application process will be equally simple.

Many unregistered agents operate without government authorization. When you appoint Australian Migration Agents to act on your behalf, your application will be lodged through our agency's ImmiAccount. This means we'll manage all communication with the Department and take responsibility for uploading necessary documents.

If you choose to engage Australian Migration Agents for representation, we're obligated to inform the Department of our appointment. This involves completing Form 956, the Appointment of a registered migration agent, which you'll need to sign, and we'll submit on your behalf.

Upon enlisting our services, the Department may:

  • Engage in discussions with us regarding your application
  • Request additional information related to your application
  • Direct any written communication concerning your application to us
  • Consider any written communication sent to us as received by you

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